Merle Laurimäe joins the board of Julianus Inkasso as the new CEO

The board of Julianus Inkasso, the Baltics’ leading debt collection services provider, has grown. Merle Laurimäe, the current head of debt collection products, has joined the board as the company’s new CEO. Oliver Markvart, the previous CEO of Julianus Inkasso, will continue as a board member and the CEO of Aktiva Finance Group. 

“Julianus Inkasso is part of Aktiva Finance Group, and we are expanding rapidly into new markets and launching new financial services. Last year, the debts entrusted to collection to us exceeded one billion euros, and we expanded our collection business to Poland. With increased business volumes, Laurimäe’s expertise in debt management and customer service is invaluable in the Estonian market,” commented Oliver Markvart, the board member of Julianus Inkasso.

As a CEO and board member, Laurimäe will be responsible for the growth of the Estonian market. Throughout her career, she has worked both as a head of customer services and as head of debt management with an international team. Laurimäe has significantly improved debt management reminder processes in Estonia, Finland, and the Baltics. “I am thrilled to take on this new challenge and responsibility. I will continue my work to implement the company’s mission to help both individuals and businesses to manage their finances. To this end, we are constantly creating new services and educating people about financial literacy,” remarked Merle Laurimäe regarding her ambitions in her new position.

The new board member believes that measuring and drawing conclusions from data plays an essential role in driving the business forward. Thanks to her previous experience in customer service, Laurimäe also prioritizes improving customer service processes in debt management, where customer insight is a cornerstone. According to Laurimäe, more and more emphasis needs to be placed on reaching customers from different generations and with varying needs through the communication channels that suit them best.

Julianus Inkasso is an Estonian capital-based debt collection company established in 1995, which has become the leading debt collection service provider in Estonia and the Baltic States. The company’s core business is national and international out-of-court and in-court debt collection. 

Julianus Inkasso is an Aktiva Finance Group subsidiary. With three decades of experience in the industry, our international team knows how important it is to stay ahead of the times and streamline processes. The group’s enterprises in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland employ nearly 200 people dedicated to developing the financial infrastructure, from making payments to debt collection. We help companies focus on their clients by streamlining processes.

In addition to Julianus Inkasso, the group includes Tarkpay,, Accountscoring, Viena Sąskaita, Perfi, and many others. The group also has stakes in fast-growing financial technology companies, including Altero and Avaus. Thanks to its cooperation with other companies in the group, Julianus Inkasso can offer complete financial infrastructure solutions that reduce credit losses and increase cash flows.

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