This week, the bill payment platform Perfi launched an innovative mobile application. Known for its web platform, Perfi now offers a unique opportunity in Estonia to direct all monthly bills of a user straight to the mobile application and pay them with a single payment. 

Perfi streamlines the monthly bill payment process, making it fast and efficient. This in turn aids in timely bill payments, improving people’s payment behavior and ensuring regular receipts for companies. 

The flexibility of the service lies in the fact that users can choose which service providers’ bills they wish to pay through Perfi. To do this, users need to direct their bills to a personal Perfi email address, created when opening an account. 

As with the web platform, the Perfi mobile application now also offers additional features such as visually informative statistics, reminders for upcoming payment deadlines, and an archive of previously paid bills. 

Perfi’s CEO, Karin Lõhmuste, stated: “Financial literacy is a constant topic of discussion nowadays. However, the prerequisite for financial freedom is that people can manage their expenses comprehensively without it requiring an excessive amount of time. Our service is unique in the Estonian market, allowing the consolidation of all individual service provider bills and enabling their payment with a single transfer. Keeping expenses under control provides a better overview of available funds and supports the growth of financial security, helping to plan saving or investment strategies. As our vision is to be every person’s personal financial advisor in their pocket, this year we will be adding increasingly comprehensive functions to Perfi for managing finances.” 

Oliver Markvart, CEO of Aktiva Finance Group, added: “Perfi is our group’s first B2C product and also our first mobile application. Its development and launch are significant steps in the strategy of Aktiva Finance Group, demonstrating our commitment to innovation and a user-centered approach in the financial services sector.” 

The Perfi mobile application consolidates all fixed costs into one bill, which can be paid with a single payment. The application is available in both the Apple App Store and Google Play. For all new clients, the service is free for the first three months

Perfi is a subsidiary of Aktiva Finance Group. With 30 years of experience, Aktiva Finance Group is the only company in the region that offers comprehensive financial infrastructure solutions in the Baltics and Poland, offering financial services ranging from payment management to debt collection. The group’s companies in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland employ nearly 250 people, making a significant contribution to local employment and economic development.