Aktiva Finance Group has been awarded prestigious acknowledgments

Linn koos kiire liiklusega Aktiva Finance Group

Aktiva Finance Group has had a remarkable year of growth in 2022, which reflects in being recognized by noteworthy awards. The company placed 29th on the Äripäev’s TOP successful Estonian enterprises list, debuted as one of Estonia’s TOP 101 most valuable enterprises, and achieved a Gazelle enterprise acknowledgment.

Last year, Aktiva Finance OÜ was 101st in the Äripäev’s TOP list. This year, the company skyrocketed to the TOP 30, taking the 29th spot. In addition, the company was mentioned as one of Estonia’s TOP 101 most valuable enterprises, taking 99th place overall and 9th place in the finance sector. Being named a gazelle company is also a great honor because only fast-growing companies that have increased turnover and profit by at least 50% in the last three years can receive the title. The gazelle movement values ​​fast-growing companies because they create the most jobs in every country and are flexible, fast, and courageous. Only less than 1% of Estonian companies are gazelles.

Over the past year, the company celebrated many milestones, including the start of debt collection operations in Poland and 1 million euros of principal debt to collection. The Aktiva Finance Group brand was launched in the fourth quarter, which brings together all the company’s investments. The group’s mission is to offer high-quality financial solutions that consider the client’s individual needs for private individuals and companies. By bringing all communications under one roof, the new brand has enabled Aktiva Finance Group to better fulfill this mission.

“We feel extremely fortunate for the recognitions we have received, as they validate that we are on the right track. This year’s success was achieved based on the good results from our Baltic subsidiaries, and it was also a successful year for our fintech products. Fintech will continue to be one of our main focuses in the new year as Perfi, an invoice-sending and management service, will launch in Estonia within this first quarter,” said Oliver Markvart, CEO of Aktiva Finance Group.

Aktiva Finance Group offers financial services for individual needs. With three decades of experience in the industry, our international team knows how important it is to stay ahead of the times and streamline processes. The group’s enterprises in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland employ nearly 200 people dedicated to developing the financial infrastructure, from making payments to debt collection. We help companies focus on running and growing their businesses without worrying about the small things.

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