Aktiva Finance Group’s latest step in the purchase of Intrum: the merger of Lithuania’s Intrum with Julianus. 

Based on the approval of the Lithuanian Competition Authority, Aktiva Finance Group acquires the Intrum Lithuanian company and merges it with Julianus Inkasso. Intrum of Estonia and Latvia were bought and merged with Julianus in 2023. The price of the transaction was 30 million euros. 

“We successfully completed the acquisition of Intrum’s Estonian and Latvian businesses and the merger with Julianus in 2023. Business consolidation has increased efficiency and customer satisfaction. I am glad that we can finally carry out the same process with Lithuanian Intrum,” says Oliver Markvart, CEO of Aktiva Finance Group. 

Artur Rahkema, Chief Innovation Officer of Aktiva Finance Group, is optimistic about the future. “This is the end of an exciting chapter and proof of our high-quality work as a standard for everyone in the same business sphere. Connecting organizations has always been our strength, and we plan to continue doing so in the future.” 

Last year, Intrum President and CEO Andrés Rubio commented on the purchase as an opportunity for them to leave the focus of the business on other markets and focus on achieving a leadership role there. 

Aktiva Finance Group is the region’s largest provider of comprehensive financial infrastructures based on Estonian capital. The company includes Krediidiregister, which offers data solutions for managing credit and business risks together with the portal, Altero’s financial comparison platform, invoice management and payment platform Perfi (Estonia and Poland), the same platform in Lithuania: Viena Sąskaita, and the largest debt collection service provider in the Baltics, Julianus Inkasso in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. 

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