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The most experienced debt buyer in the Baltic market

Aktiva Finance Group is the largest purchaser of debt portfolios and payables in the Baltics. We make offers for every portfolio regardless of age, length of enforcement procedure, size, and collateral. We help our clients transform credit losses into cash flow and save valuable time.

Aktiva Finance Group products

The easiest way to pay your bills

With our service, you only need to pay one monthly bill that includes all your expenses. With features like reminders, an archive of invoices, and a graphic overview of monthly spending, managing your finances has never been more convenient or fast. The largest service providers in the Baltics and Poland use our service to transfer invoices.

Check your business partner's background information payment default database is the largest in Estonia and contains information on both private and legal entities. The primary purpose of the database is to help businesses make better credit decisions. Our database is used by banks, financial institutions, and businesses of all sizes to assess the creditworthiness of individuals and companies.

Make sense of bank account statements

Accountscoring helps lenders identify essential information about customers based on their account data and bank statements. We highlight warnings and categorize transactions to make it easier to follow responsible lending principles.

An affordable alternative to bank links

Tarkpay replaces all bank links in online stores, self-services, and invoices. For customers, the payment process remains just as convenient, but the company’s costs are reduced by 2-3 times.

Compare loan offers with one application

Altero is the leading financial comparison platform in the Baltics. By filling out a free application and comparing the received personal offers on one platform, Altero allows you to select the best loan, insurance, or other financial services for you.

Turn your customer data into business results

Avaus delivers efficiency improvements in marketing and sales by leveraging data and automation.


The leading debt collection service provider in the Baltics

Julianus Inkasso offers clients a complete debt collection solution, representing them in the ordinary collection, judicial, and enforcement proceedings as well as in complex bankruptcy, reorganization, liquidation, and inheritance proceedings.

About us

Aktiva Finance Group buys debt portfolios, offers innovative financial services, and invests in ambitious companies and startups.
The group’s enterprises in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland employ nearly 200 people dedicated to developing the financial infrastructure.

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