Your clients will never be late paying their invoices again: a new free personal finance platform is launching in Estonia soon

Perfi platform

In a few months, Perfi, a service for sending and managing invoices that has been wildly successful in Lithuania under the brand name Viena sąskaita, will be available to companies in Estonia. The innovative platform allows businesses to send digital invoices without a fee and manage payments so they can receive them quickly and without any extra costs. 

With the help of Perfi, companies can send monthly invoices to customers who have joined the platform. Clients can pay their bills in one place with a click of a button. For businesses, there are no fees associated with sending invoices or receiving payments. Integrating Perifi into your company’s existing systems doesn’t require a lot of time or money – you can send invoices manually or automatically through API integration.

“Perfi started its operations 15 years ago, and in addition to Estonia, we are also vigorously entering the Latvian and Polish markets. So far, experience clearly shows that customers seek convenience when managing invoices. The easier and faster dealing with monthly recurring invoices is, the more likely customers will always pay bills on time,’’ said Taavi Mägi, the CEO of Perfi

The Perfi platform has been designed to be as user-friendly as possible for companies sending invoices and can easily integrate with existing IT systems. However, if the service provider still needs to create a system for managing invoices, they can still use the Perfi platform to send them. Furthermore, Perfi can manage invoices in any format.

In addition to sending invoices through the Perfi platform cost-free, the reminder systems set up by Perfi, which remind customers to pay their invoices on time, help to save costs further. The protection offered by the platform also provides an additional sense of security for entrepreneurs – Perfi is a licensed service provider, and security protocols protect all systems and payments.

Today, over 200,000 retail customers and more than 2,500 partners in the Lithuanian market value  Perfi as the most beneficial way to send and manage invoices. For retail customers, Perfi is the most convenient solution for paying bills and getting a complete overview of their expenses,’’ said Mägi. “We are confident that our clients and partners will give us an equally warm welcome when we enter the Estonian market during the first quarter of next year.”

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Private customers find Perfi appealing because of its simplicity of use, extra services, and ability to see a clear overview of their monthly spending in one place. After creating an account on Perfi, clients can choose which invoices from our partners they would like to receive through the platform – or, if desired – forward the received invoices by other means to a specific email address, and they will show up on the Perfi platform.

Why have we experienced such great success in other Baltic countries? Find out here!

The Perfi platform makes it easy to stay on top of your finances. With just one click, you can pay all invoices. If you need to submit meter readings for billing, you can do so via the platform. Comprehensive graphs and tables help you keep track of expenses, and Perfi archives all invoices so you can see how your costs have fluctuated over time.

Perfi will start operations in Estonia in the first quarter of 2023. Why have we experienced such great success in other Baltic countries? Find out here!

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