Perfi CEO Art Andresson: The first signs of anxiety are here, and people are taking more caution with loan decisions

Art Andresson, the CEO of our subsidiary, Estonia’s biggest payment default database, went on Äripäev’s Triniti radio last week to talk about private individuals’ payment defaults and problems related to disclosing debt data.

In the talk, Art explained what payment default databases are and the current direction of debts in the looming threat of a new recession and growing inflation.

Some topics of the show included:

  • How the queries of have changed
  • The changes in the Data Protection Inspectorate’s new guide on disclosing payment irregularities
  • Where the balance between protecting a person’s data and assessing their creditworthiness lies
  • How he creating a positive credit register is coming along

In addition to Art, Martin Länts, chairman of the board of Bigbank and head of the Creditors and Intermediaries task group of Finance Estonia, and Maarja Pild, attorney-at-law of Trinit, helped shed light on these topics. The show was hosted by Gregor Alaküla.

Listen in Estonian here:

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