Change in the Management Structure of Aktiva Finance Group: A New six-member council begins work

Ülar Maapalu

Aktiva Finance Group, the only provider of comprehensive financial infrastructure solutions in the Baltic States and Poland, has taken a significant step in its strategic management by forming a six-member council to guide the company. The council includes Andreas Laane, Argo Virkebau, Lauri Lind, Hans Luik, and Ena Haabma, joined by the company’s former CEO, Ülar Maapalu, as the chairman of the council. 

Ülar Maapalu, the newly appointed chairman of the council at Aktiva Finance Group, commented, “Our company has grown rapidly, both in our existing fields and by expanding into new sectors. Our goal is to continue this growth in every area while increasing cross-sector integration to offer new services to the market. We have included in our team experts with extensive and broad knowledge, who support the company’s strategic decisions and contribute to its further growth.” 

The strength and growth of Aktiva Finance Group are notable in the financial sector. According to the company’s latest financial results, its balance sheet exceeds 100 million euros. The 2022 net profit figures, amounting to over 13 million euros, confirm the effectiveness of the company’s strategic management. The group, which has expanded in the Baltic States and Poland, has managed to employ more than 250 people, contributing to local economies. 

Among Aktiva Finance Group’s most prominent companies are Julianus Inkasso, Krediidiregister, Viena Saskaita, Altero and Perfi. Last year, in 2023, Aktiva Finance Group acquired all of the Baltic debt collection companies and debt portfolios of Intrum, Europe’s largest debt collection firm, achieving significant expansion in the group’s field of activity. 

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