New financial service Perfi takes the stress out of paying monthly invoices

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Paying monthly invoices has become easier for Estonians because they can now do it through Perfi, the personal finance platform that has become customers’ favorite in Lithuania. A Norstat survey commissioned by Perfi found that Estonians’ biggest concern when dealing with invoices is that they arrive at different times and through different channels. The new service will allow all invoices to be paid with one click.

Perfi has been operating in the Lithuanian market under the name Viena sąskaita for 15 years. In addition to its 200,000 regular consumers, Perfi is trusted by the region’s largest service providers that invoice their customers digitally, saving costs and preserving the environment. 

“We are delighted that we have finally brought a service that has become so popular in Lithuania to Estonia. Our experience so far clearly shows that people are looking for convenience when dealing with invoices, and we are confident that customers and partners in other Baltic countries will give us a warm welcome. The next target markets will be Latvia in April and Poland in March,” said Taavi Mägi, CEO of Perfi.

Mägi proclaims that Perfi is making life easier by uniting all the necessary invoicing and management services in one place, streamlining the time-consuming monthly process “A recent Norstat survey* showed that although paying invoices by automatic direct debit is quick and easy, only 31% of Estonians use this option because they are afraid of losing control over their expenses. Perfi combines the convenience and speed of direct debit by allowing you to link your bank account to the platform. This way, you can have a complete overview of all your finances, not just the current month’s invoices,” he said. 

The platform centralizes all payments and allows you to review your expenses before you pay. This gives a complete picture of income and expenditure and avoids the complex monthly calculation of fixed costs. Platform users can choose which service providers they want to receive their invoices from through the platform. Alternatively, invoices can be sent to a personal email address linked to the Perfi environment. You can also provide utility meter readings via Perfi, should this be required for invoice generation. Likewise, Perfi archives all old invoices, allowing you to track patterns in your spending over time. 

Perfi is a personal finance platform that centralizes all your spending so you can conveniently pay just one monthly invoice. Perfi is available for both private customers and businesses in Estonia. The service is free for all new private customers for the first three months and €2.99 monthly. For business customers, the service is free of charge.

Perfi is part of the Aktiva Finance Group. Aktiva Finance Group companies are united by a mission to improve customers’ lives by creating innovative, convenient, and easy-to-use financial services. The Group’s Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, and Polish companies employ nearly 200 people dedicated to developing the financial infrastructure.

*Norstat surveyed one thousand Estonians and Latvians in four age groups. 

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