SA Kadunud received a drone from a debt collection company, which is essential for searching for missing people


Julianus Inkasso donated to SA Kadunud the indispensable thermodrone to facilitate the search for missing persons. The cost of the drone kit is 16,000 euros and it can be used even in the dark and regardless of the weather.

Oliver Markvart, CEO of Julianus Inkasso, who himself has participated as a volunteer in the search for missing people, said that Julianus Inkasso’s essential drone will not be the only tool. “SA Kadunud and the volunteers of the organization are doing a vital thing. People go out of their free time, alongside work and family, to look for and help strangers who need help the most at that moment. We can all support them in getting what they need to save human lives, and I hope that more companies will join as supporters, because the budget with which SA Kadunud operates is modest, to say the least,” Markvart stated and pointed out that this is not a one-time donation, but the beginning of long-term cooperation.

The drone that Julianus Inkasso SA handed over to the foundation manager Aare Rüütel today costs 16,000 euros. With the professional camera of this type of drones, a person can be clearly distinguished in the landscape from a distance of several hundred meters, they can also be used in the dark and in rainy weather. The drone also distinguishes wild animals from humans.

Rüütel pointed out that the foundation set itself the goal of acquiring two such drones and staff buses this year to save human lives. “The drone received by Julianus is an essential tool for our volunteers. Now half of the purpose of the drones has been fulfilled, but there is still a long way to go to fulfill the other half.” Aare Rüütel said that this year the volunteers of SA Kadunud are going to various safety days and fairs organized across Estonia, selling raffle tickets and souvenirs of the OPEROG search group. Thanks to this, 700 euros have been accumulated for the purchase of a second drone. “In order to get another drone and two staff buses with large screens to monitor the drone image, we need to collect about 70,000 euros. As an example, I will mention our last year’s budget, which was collected from donations – it was 28,000. With this money, we did 219 searches, 55 of which were purely off-road. In total, we saved 27 lives last year, of which the drone of the rescue command was a great help in saving lives, but it is not always possible to get them to search. A total of 3,300 euros have been donated to our thermodrone budget for the purchase of the necessary equipment this summer, along with 700 euros for fairs and safety days, which shows that the support of entrepreneurs like Julianus Inkasso is crucial. The drone we received from Julianus gives us the speed we need for terrain searches and also in settlements. It is especially essential in bad weather conditions, where the percentage of survival drops quickly,” said Rüütel and thanked the debt collection company for the indispensable tool.

Help Kadunud SA get closer to its goal

Make a donation by bank transfer:

Recipient Name: Kadunud SA

Receiver account: EE661010220095092013

Explanation: donation to support the foundation’s activities

You can also support by calling the donation number 900 6776 (call 5 euros).

Julianus Inkasso OÜ is a debt collection company founded in 1995 based on Estonian capital, which has become a leading debt collection service provider in Estonia and the entire Baltic region in more than twenty-seven years of operation. The company’s main field of activity is domestic and international extrajudicial and judicial collection of debts. Julianus Inkasso belongs to the Aktiva Finants OÜ group, which employs more than 160 people. The group includes Julianus Inkasso, Tarkpay,, Accountscoring, Viena Sąskaita, etc. In addition, the group has holdings in rapidly developing financial technology companies, including Altero and Avaus.

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