Ege Metsandi has been appointed as Head of Krediidiregister

Ege Metsandi

Ege Metsandi will start working as the Chairman of the Management Board of OÜ Krediidiregister, a company belonging to Aktiva Finance Group.

Ege has previously worked as the CEO of Creditinfo and has extensive experience in the fields of investment, risk management, and business development of companies. Ege will continue her activities on the Management Board of Finance Estonia and as the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of AS Metrosert.

As the head of the Krediidiregister, Metsandi will be responsible for the business activities and development of data analysis in Estonia, the largest payment default register in Estonia, the that provides business and credit information, and the account information service Accountscoring managed by Krediidiregister throughout the region.

“I am very pleased that Ege sees a new challenge for herself in her position as Chairman of the Management Board of Krediidiregister. Her joining our team amplifies Aktiva Finance Group’s ambition to become the leading provider of financial infrastructure in the region, and the information needed to make a high-quality credit decision is an integral part of this,” said Oliver Markvart, CEO and Member of the Management Board of Aktiva Finance Group.

OÜ Krediidiregister is a company founded in 2013, which collects and analyzes background information of both private and juridical persons, offering several data solutions and models for risk management of credit, business, and money laundering. The company is a partner of a wide range of banks, lenders, companies in telecommunications and other sectors who need input information or scoring models appropriate to their risk appetite to make credit decisions.

“I am very pleased to join the ambitious plans of Aktiva Finance Group, which is based on national capital, which wants to invest in the field development of financial and risk management services, offering strong competition in both the local and regional market,” comments Metsandi.

“I believe that capital has a nation,” says Ege Metsandi, adding: “It manifests itself precisely in difficult times in the economy, and we at Aktiva Finance Group want to grow together with local and regional companies by supporting each other through different economic cycles.”

In addition to Estonia, Aktiva Finance Group also operates in Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland and employs a total of 200 people dedicated to the development of financial infrastructure.

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