Debt Amounts Are Rapidly Increasing: Estonia’s Largest Private Individuals Payment Default Analysis 

Estonia’s largest financial services infrastructure company, Aktiva Finance Group, compiled a comprehensive overview of Estonians’ debt behavior. Aktiva Finance Group assesses individuals’ creditworthiness and manages overdue credit portfolios through OÜ Krediidiregister and OÜ Julianus Inkasso. In today’s economically challenging times, we decided to assess the situation in early December, in addition to our regular spring […]

Merle Laurimäe joins the board of Julianus Inkasso as the new CEO

The board of Julianus Inkasso, the Baltics’ leading debt collection services provider, has grown. Merle Laurimäe, the current head of debt collection products, has joined the board as the company’s new CEO. Oliver Markvart, the previous CEO of Julianus Inkasso, will continue as a board member and the CEO of Aktiva Finance Group.  “Julianus Inkasso […]

Julianus Inkasso has been entrusted with debt collection for over a billion euros


In the first half of 2022, the amount of debts entrusted to Julianus Inkasso for collection during its 27 years of operation exceeded one billion euros. In total, nearly 3 million debt claims have been processed in the Baltics since 1995. The company’s main customers are financial companies, companies serving businesses, telecom companies, utility service […]